Accounting Influencers Roundtable


The Powerful Arm of Private Equity in the Accounting Sector

Episode 7. In this week’s news, Rob and Martin discuss how private equity is changing the landscape of mergers and acquisitions within the accounting sector.

➤ The rise of ‘consolidators’ in the accounting profession who are buying up firms

➤ Why equity partners of accounting firms are being offered huge cash incentives to ‘go away’

➤ Explaining the 60-20-20 basis on which accounting practices are purchased

➤ Where private equity firms are seeing profit in buying up accountancy practices

➤ The switch to board level leadership outside accounting when firms are purchased by PE money

➤ How active the buying and selling market of accounting firms and fintechs is right now

➤ How firms driven by PE money can be more competitive than their peers

➤ Whether PE funds are good for the accounting and fintech sectors as they seek to ‘bring everything together’

➤ What more money is doing to the commercialisation of accounting firms.


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