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The Price Is Right Part 9 – Not All Business is Good

BONUS: a short bonus episode in a new series to help accountants price better and win more business – “The Price Is Right Part 9 – Not All Business is Good.”


In these bonus episodes, we focus on upskilling the accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs and commercially focused fintech vendors to better handle key challenges in their professional role like client service, closing deals, negotiating, pricing, hiring, reputation and differentiation.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

★ asking whether all new business is good business for accountants

★ what a scarcity mentality and fear looks like for today’s accountants and CPAs

★ why accountants cannot often control the quality of clients or business they look after

★ the downsides for accountants of taking on all clients who do not fit your firm

★ the reasons accountants feel forced to take on all clients who are referred to them

★ positioning tips for accountants who do not want to win new business on price alone

★ how saying ‘no’ to certain types of work or clients actually helps accountants

★ the importance of grading clients and opportunities in accounting firms

★ what accounting professionals can do to become the ‘without whom…’ for their clients

★ an example of what saying ‘no’ the wrong business looks like for accounting firms

★ shout out to Gordon Gilchrist for coming up with PITA clients for accountants – “pain in the ass!”

★ how accountants can break the cycle of taking on unsuitable clients and pricing them poorly


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