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The World of Awards for Accounting with Richard Hattersley

Episode 60. In today’s interview, “The World of Awards for Accounting with Richard Hattersley.”

Richard Hattersley is a journalist and broadcaster. He is the editor of AccountingWEB, the UK’s leading community for accounting professionals. He took the reins of the site in January 2020 and oversaw record levels of traffic and hosted a weekly Coronavirus Q&A webinar as AccountingWEB became a lifeline to accountants during the Covid pandemic. He manages an in-house editorial team and commissioning quality content.

In April 2020, he became host of AccountingWEB Live’s flagship digital show Any Answers Live. In December 2021, AccountingWEB launched its first exhibition and as editor, Richard had a hand in devising the content programme to engage and educate the exhibition attendees. He also hosts interactive panels and ‘how to’ discussions for the accounting and fintech world.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

▶ shoutout to the Accounting Excellence Awards 2022 here

▶ what aspects of the pandemic have forced accountants to change and adapt the most

▶ the evolution of the Accounting Excellence Awards and what trends have emerged in the awards space

▶ the growth of cloud, expense capture tools, virtual finance and other categories which now warrant recognition in the accounting and fintech world

▶ how accounting and fintech awards have changed over the years

▶ how greater competition in accounting is resulting in even progressive firms being left behind

▶ the benefits for accounting firms and software vendors of trying to win public recognition with awards

▶ thoughts on how accounting firms can gain a competitive edge and take advantage of new areas of differentiation

▶ why the battleground between larger and smaller accounting practices has become smaller

▶ the main benefits for accounting firms entering for awards even if they don’t win

▶ getting behind the judging process for awards in the accounting and fintech world

▶ the fintech and software vendor awards that recognise the contribution of suppliers and providers to the accounting profession

▶ 4 valuable tips for entrants to increase the chances of success when entering accounting and fintech awards

▶ the role of social media and PR for accounting firms and fintech vendors who get involved with awards

When he is not reporting on the latest news in business and accounting, you can find Richard running, taking long walks along the south coast or hidden in the corner of a coffee shop with a book.


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