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Using Client Education to Drive Growth – Mark Jenkins

Episode 45. In today’s interview, “Using Client Education to Drive Growth – Mark Jenkins.”

Mark has had over 20 years in Public Practice in New Zealand. In 2014, he sold his firm so that he could focus on his true passion – helping accountants to accelerate small business success. Mark joined forces with Viv Brownrigg, together creating The Gap so that Accounting firms throughout NZ, Australia and the UK can use Business Development content to maximise income without having to re-invent the wheel. Key takeaways from this episode include:

➩ Why it’s exciting to be in the accounting profession and how covid offers opportunities to close a client disconnect

➩ What clients have traditionally thought of their accountants, and what needs to change in educating clients

➩ Why accountants must stay relevant to their buyers and clients, and what happens if they don’t

➩ The importance for accountants of staying relevant to clients and educating them if they want significantly more referral business

➩ What stops accountants educating their clients on how they truly help and the additional services they offer

➩ The danger for accountants of assuming that their clients will only ask for what they need vz help to run a better business

➩ The key areas clients need education and help with that an accountant should be offering

➩ The Forbes definition of business development and how it relates to advisory services for accountants

➩ The two way education that is needed for accountants to come up with the best possible support and advice for the accounting client

➩ Examples of where client education has been really impactful for accounting professionals

➩ The sad lack of proactivity with some accountants who have not reached out to their clients during covid

➩ Why having loyal clients are not always the ones who will reach out to their accounting advisors for extra help

➩ The potential revenue upsides in playing a long game when accountants properly educate and inform their clients

➩ The first thing accountants must do if they want to solve more problems and create more opportunities with their clients

➩ Tips for accountants who want to create more time to be more strategic and advisory led with their clients

➩ The role of the ‘achiever matrix’ in helping accountants decide what’s important vz urgent with their time and focus

➩ How accountants can make good decisions about what content and social media channels they invest in to educate their clients

➩ Smart strategies accountants can use to increase engagement in their content and webinars/online training

➩ How accountants can help their clients define success and how it’s different for each client

➩ Tips to solve the marketing department-outsourcing-doing it yourself dilemma for accountants who want better marketing

➩ How the FGG principle can create better client loyalty, engagement and cross-selling opportunities for accountants

➩ What benefits come to those accountants and accounting firms if they focus on good client education

➩ What best practice for client education looks like for accountants who want to create more revenue opportunities and serve their clients better.

In his downtime, Mark likes nothing more than getting up at the crack of dawn, pulling out his kayak, catching, filleting and BBQing his catch of the day. Contact him here:




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