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What Recent Fintech Acquisitions Say About What Is Valuable in a Business

Episode 57. In today’s news episode, “What Recent Fintech Acquisitions Say About What Is Valuable in a Business.”

Key takeaways from this episode include:

✓ Getting behind the Sage purchase of GoProposal to analyse exactly what they’ve bought

✓ How the sale value of an accounting firm is different to what is being bought right now

✓ What the owner avatar and personal evangelist angle brings to a company valuation

✓ The four key aspects of what Sage have invested in with this recent acquisition

✓ Asking what an accountancy practice needs to have to attract a high multiple on sale

✓ Rethinking the accounting firm selling and exit model from what used to be valuable

✓ Comparing Sage/GoProposal with Intuit/Mailchimp in asking what people are really paying for

✓ Why accounting advisors need to know how deals are put together and what affects selling price for their business clients


very Tuesday the show gives you a relevant news topic from the accounting and fintech world with a direct application to accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers. Great to stay informed and build your commercial acumen.

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