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What Turns Accountants Away from the Profession & Tips to Retain Your Best Talent

Episode 46. On this week’s Accounting Influencers Podcast:

➜ News – Martin & Rob discuss “Why Are So Many Professionals Leaving or Not Even Entering Accounting?.” Following on from last week’s comment on the talent shortage in accountancy, we explore what might be switching off grads and the younger generations from a career in accounting.

➜ Special Guest Interview: “Case Study – Carl Reader: “Practice Ignition Changed My Practice.” In this highlights snippet (full uncut version comes out as a bonus episode at the weekend), you’ll hear about the challenge for accounting firms of integrating business development to revenue ‘in the bank’, the journey accountants go through in choosing the right software for certain jobs in their practice and how the right software can enhance the client experience for accounting professionals.

➜ Rob & Martin offer up practical advice and tips for accounting practitioners on “Here’s What Works for Accounting Firms on Retaining Your Best Employees.” In the war for talent, discover some practical ways you can win the hearts and minds of your top people so they withstand the approaches of your competitors and stay engaged with the accounting profession generally.

➜ Expert Interview: “Moving from Big to Small Accounting Firm – Practitioner Interview.” In this highlights snippet (full uncut version comes out as a bonus episode at the weekend), you’ll hear from Corey Talone, a US based CPA who gave up a prestigious position in a large professional firm to downsize into a smaller practice with more autonomy, freedom, satisfaction and influence. A frank and inspiring story that will give many accountants food for thought in their current roles.


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