Accounting Influencers Roundtable


Why Accountants Need Help & Mentoring to Survive & Thrive

Kevin Whitehouse on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

Kevin Whitehouse is a mentor, author and accountant mentor. He has run his Dorset-based accountancy firm Prime Entry since 1991. Shownotes:

  • Accountants are no different to regular business owners – it comes down to personalities
  • If you want to grow either professionally or as a business, you must be a willing volunteer who is open to learning
  • Some accountants have always resisted change, but they will end up being left behind if they don’t have a willing mindset
  • Using the 80-20 principle, would you take a 20% pay cut for 80% of your time back?
  • It’s the cumulative effect of small, smart changes to do your business that makes life easier
  • The biggest frustration for accountants these days is the sheer amount of data coming at them
  • The technology is a double edged sword for accountants – you can’t run an effective practice without it, yet it takes up so much time
  • Shout out to IRIS – the trust accountants put into their accuracy and processes makes running an accounting practice so much easier
  • Smart examples of simple tech that accountants can use to make them more efficient and profitable
  • Profitability for accountants and their clients comes in two measures – money and time
  • Systems are the key for making your life and business more profitable and less hectic
  • The power of a set of rules to run your business by so you manage stress, time and expectations of clients
  • The best way for accountants to start changing their pricing – start with one client
  • The power for accounting firms of losing clients deliberately, in a controlled way
  • Stories about the ‘exit experience’ for a selling accountant and also the ‘purchase experience’ for a buying accountant
  • The difference between a process and a system for accounting firms and their clients
  • Thoughts on the coaches, mentors and experts helping accountants to be more successful
  • Words of encouragement and advice to help accountants rediscover the joy in their work – the Madonna Effect
  • What really excites most accountants is working with great clients, so they should get the help and expertise required to do that.

Kevin Whitehouse on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob BrownKevin lives in Dorset with wife Vicki. he has 4 grown-up children and a dog called Eddie.