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Why Didn’t They Buy Part 6 – More Tips to Handle Objections

BONUS: a short bonus episode from the client’s perspective – “Why Didn’t They Buy Part 6 – More Tips to Handle Objections.” Great CPE or CPD for accountants with tips on how to deal with pushback from potential clients in buying situations. This expands on last week’s bonus show categorising the 4 kinds of objections accounting practitioners tend to face from clients resistant to buying.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

➯ the four types of objections accountants face – the put-off, the irrelevant, the half-truth and the valid, with examples of each

➯ defining objections as signals to buy and signs that the potential client requires more clarity and information

➯ the importance of welcoming objections and why accountants should want them voiced rather than kept hidden

➯ things accountants can say to elicit any buying resistance to put objections out in the open

➯ the futility of arguing with objections, and why it’s better for accountants to acknowledge them in buying situations

➯ the power of scripts, come-backs and rebuttals for accountants to handle objections, as long as they are delivered naturally

➯ the power of anticipating common objections from potential buyers of accounting services

➯ a glossary of sales terms and what they really mean for non-sales people like accounting professionals and CPAs


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Imogen Allen